The Ultimate Dog Leash System for your Truck 

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Made in the USA

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MaxLeash Is Safe

You can safely, securely, and comfortably place your dog in the back of your pickup truck and he or she will be able to wander throughout the entire pickup truck bed while safely remaining in the truck. This dog leash system is awesome!! As you explore the great outdoors, your best friend (meaning your dog) can enjoy the breeze in their face with the freedom to move around safely.

MaxLeash Is Adjustable

MaxLeash can be adjusted in six (6) different locations to fit the exact specifications of your truck and your dog. MaxLeash can adjust to a small truck with a 4' bed or a big dually with an 8' bed or anything in between.

MaxLeash Will Fit

Assuming that you have four (4) hooks in the back of your truck, MaxLeash will fit virtually every pickup truck.

MaxLeash Is Strong

MaxLeash is Made with Pride in the USA using the highest quality 6,000 lb. strength, 1" nylon strap. The 1" snap hooks, 1"adjustable tri-glides, and welded 2" center ring are made of nickel plated steel.

MaxLeash Is Guaranteed

We want our customers to be fully satisfied with their MaxLeash and so we offer a full one-year warranty on every MaxLeash. If you ever have a problem with any aspect of the construction or workmanship of your MaxLeash, we'll make it right.

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